Brief of Al Rustom Law firm

Established in Syria in 1987, Al Rustom Law Office has quickly assumed a leading position in the legal field made possible by a highly successful track record in resolving the most intricate cases and providing excellent legal consultations. All this has been the result of the relentless efforts made by a select group of law experts who joined the office since its launch and helped in building its reputation over its prosperous, successful journey.


Al Rustom Law Office was founded by lawyer and legal advisor Dr. Souhail Al Rustom who has valuable contributions to the development of the legal profession in Syria by launching the first modern legal office that provides its services by tapping into the collective expertise of a group of partners. Starting from Damascus, Al Rustom Law Office expanded to other Syrian governorates and entered into partnerships with several legal offices and law firms all over the Arab world and the region.

Our office believes in the following fundamentals regarding legal action and the legal profession in general:

  • The necessity of constant follow-up and review of the latest legal developments in Syria and the region.
  • Supporting specialization and the importance of having the adequate specialized expertise regarding every case we undertake to achieve the best results.
  • Speed in finalizing cases.

    Work Mechanism

  • Al Rustom Law Office is managed by a select group of lawyers and law experts. Our services cover a wide range of lawsuits and arbitration, legal consultation, contract drafting, agreements, registration of commercial companies and agencies, as well as taxation affairs.
  • Before litigation, our office seeks an amicable settlement to all disputes and contentious issues: commercial, criminal, administrative, labor and employment cases, contractual issues, compensation, investment and international commerce disputes, tenders, taxation, customs as well as mass media, communications and information technology including e-commerce disputes.
  • Legal Consultation Services

Areas of Specialization

  • Corporate Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Civil Law
  • Labor Law
  • Industrial & Commercial Property and Patent Protection Laws
  • Banking Law
  • Insurance Law

Our office also offers its experience in the following areas:

  • The advertising industry and all matters related to advertising companies.
  • The companies operating in the oil & gas sector in terms of drafting internal contracts and contracts with governmental bodies.
  • Internet and social media rules and regulations.
  • Tax laws, financial payments and fees.

All the above-mentioned activities only make a summary of our expertise at Al Rustom Law Office.

Our comprehensive knowledge offers much more, thanks to our extensive practical experience in cooperating with a wide range of private and public economic organizations.