Civil Law

civil law

  • Drafting all required contracts and agreements for commercial, industrial, local, regional and international businesses in line with national and international standards.
  • Registering commercial agencies and drafting their related contracts according to the adopted international laws, customs and traditions and following up on their businesses from a legal perspective.
  • Drafting and organizing sales and procurement contracts and operations related to the different types of fixed and moveable assets, shares and royalties and following up on executing the contract provisions until finalization.
  • Asset management and following up on all related monetary, administrative and taxation aspects and preparing periodic reports in this regard.
  • Administering probate and succession matters and handling them in cooperation with the concerned authorities.
  • Preparing the estate succession balance sheet, registering the succession as per the adopted procedures, and following up on all related issues from a legal perspective.
  • Drafting, registering and following up on the different types of mortgage contracts.